Books to inspire! The ripple effect of the written and spoken word can be profound. It is for that reason that I hope the books and stories shared within not only inspire, but uplift all those that embrace them. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for visiting today.

~ Karen B. Shea

What i do

Nature Moments by Karen B Shea

I harness the written word to inspire and uplift others to the magic and wonders of nature. 

I offer books written by me or that which I am a contributing author. I also share 'favorite' books that have inspired me, and offer them here for you to explore and experience.

why I do it

Nature Links by Karen B Shea

There is a saying – where there is connection, there is protection. In a time when so many have lost their connection to the natural world, I hope that through my writing and the writing of others, we can help bridge that gap and spark a curiosity that will help realign that connection with Mother Nature. 


What they say

Award-winning author of The Only Thing That Lasts

“Karen’s beautifully illustrated new book “Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure!” teaches children about friendship and how to accept one another’s differences, while also educating them about animals and the Lewis and Clark expedition. This charming book will be a favorite with children for its cute characters and Disney-like illustrations.” 

Steelribbons by Patricia Zilinsky Designs

"Karen has a magical way of painting beautiful pictures with words. Her experiences draw you in and make you feel as if you are sharing in her adventure. Each heartfelt emotion she experiences is expressed in a way which brings joy to your spirit and touches your soul. Her stories awaken you to all of the wonderment that nature and each living creature brings to this planet and leaves you feeling grateful for being part of it."