Below is an offering of nature inspired books I have had the privilege of writing or being a contributing author. By way of the written word, I hope to inspire and uplift others to the magic and wonders of the natural world. 

ANIMALS with Karen B Shea
ANIMALS Back with Karen B Shea

ANIMALS: Personal Tales of Encounters with Spirit Animals

Common Sentience Series

Soar with featured author, Dr. Steven FarmerContributing Author, Karen B. Shea, and 34 other sacred storytellers. They share personal tales of spirit animals appearing to them in real life, in dreams, or symbolically, to share their mystical yet practical medicine. Experience how these spiritual allies can guard, aid, heal, and guide you in the most unexpected and delightful ways.

Experience the Magic of Spirit Animals

Renowned "animal spirit guy" Dr. Steven Farmer explains how profound encounters with animals affirm our intimacy with the animal world and the realm of Spirit. His wisdom will heighten your understanding of spirit animal symbolism. The five major ways that spirit animals can speak to you. How to discern their messages for you.

Learn how to receive the animals' gifts in the form of wisdom, guidance, protection, and power.  Come to feel their support, trust their keen perception, and appreciate the simple ways in which they appear just when you need guidance the most.

ANIMALS will show you how you, too, can fly like an eagle, run like a puma, and reach new heights like the tallest giraffe.

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NATURE with Karen B Shea
NATURE Back with Karen B Shea

NATURE: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes

Common Sentience Series

A truly nature inspired book!

Featuring renowned Nature Intuitive, Ana Maria Vasquez. Contributing Author, Karen B. Shea, and 28 other sacred storytellers.

Connect with the Ancient Wisdom of Nature

Part One: Understanding the Natural World. Ana Maria Vasquez  shares how the mystical takes form in Nature and how Nature speaks to us.

Part Two: Divine Experiences with Trees, Plants, Stones and Landscapes. Read and revel as our sacred storytellers share their personal experiences with nature, the greatest teacher of all.

Part Three: Deepening Your Connection with Nature. Ana Maria Vasquez encourages you to ‘take it into your listening’. Open to the sentient world you are a part of. Recognize you are nature and why it’s important to have reverence, check your vibe, and ask permission to begin co-creating with the natural world.

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Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure by Karen B Shea
Clark the Mountain Beaver Coloring Book by Karen B Shea
Clark the Mountain Beaver Book Pages by Karen B Shea

Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure!

A 100% nature inspired book!

Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure! is the first ever children’s book to feature the shy and secretive Mountain Beaver as its primary character. And I am thrilled to share his story with you.... 

A shy secretive critter, Clark the Mountain Beaver, lives alone in his burrows. On the rare occasion when he does venture out into the world, he is always being confused with the more popular American Beaver. It’s a little frustrating because other critters never seem to know who he is or that he even exists.

One day, Clark decides to go on a big adventure to meet the critters that live around him. Clark’s big adventure leads to him making new friends and discovering some amazing things, not only about himself, but the wondrous world around him.

Not only will children learn about different animals, they will also learn a brief history lesson!

Written by Karen B. Shea, Illustrated by Kelly Halpin

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