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Happy Birthday Grandma! Today is my Grandmother's birthday and she has been on the forefront of my mind lately. Why? Because I do believe I saw my Grandma standing on my porch the other day. Just for the record, my Grandma passed away several years ago. But this vision made sense to me because just days prior I had called on my Grandpa to please come help fix whatever is troubling my car. Just for the record, my Grandpa passed away many many years ago. You may be thinking this is a bit strange to call for help from those that have passed on, but I am the first to admit, I do it all the time. Not to mention calling on Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters and sometimes anyone I can think of. But I digress, let's get back to Grandma and Grandpa.

The reason Grandma's presence didn't come as a surprise to me is because she always seemed to shadow Grandpa, especially when he was working on things. Which makes me wonder – was she watching him in admiration for the uncanny skills he possessed in being able to fix most anything or did she just have that need to be in his presence? I used to view this behavior as a type of weakness or neediness, but now I find it very sweet. There is something special between two people that have that need and longing to be together. Maybe her soul knew he didn't have as many days on this earth as she did so she wanted to be with him every chance she could.

I believe our soul, or subconscious, knows everything that can and will happen in our lives. It's the conscious mind that is left in the dark and, ironically, the part of the mind we most seemingly depend upon and follow. 

The subconscious mind is an act of faith. A trusting. A knowing.

That is why we get tripped up by it. Many of us mere humans want to control things, especially the things that matter most in our lives. I know I am guilty of this. But to control anything means that we know best and know all. In most cases that is furthest from the truth.

What we know is limited by what we know.

A soul that has lived only a handful of lives knows far less that a soul that has lived thousands of lives. That is where the knowing lies – experiences lived – past, present and future. So when passing judgement on someone, some soul, remember this to be true. 

Here is a perfect example of why I say this to be true. An acquaintance of mine taught me a valuable lesson on judgement and knowing. During COVID, this acquaintance was adamant to move forward with her daughter's wedding. Despite the fact that much of the world was still shut down, nothing was going to stop her. Upon learning this, I was quite judgmental of her for what I perceived to be selfishness. Regardless, the wedding took place and it was a beautiful day. Then, just over a year after her daughter's wedding, this acquaintance died suddenly and unexpectedly. She was still in what we would say "the prime of her life".

Was she so adamant about this wedding going on as planned because on a soul level, or subconscious level, she knew this would be the last major event she would share with her daughter in this lifetime in human form? I believe so. And now, thanks to her determinedness or knowingness, her daughter has beautiful memories of one of the most  joyful days of her life with her mother by her side embedded in her soul.

And this is why I truly believe the soul knows.

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  1. As always, well written, wonderful thoughts and insight. Definitely food for thought and reflection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your blog. But my question to you is – did your grandpa help you fix what was troubling your car?

    Keep the insights coming our way Soul Sista!!

  3. Great article. Seems like you carried on your grandpa's legacy by being able to fix things. I was amazed at the work you did to repair the water pipes! Sweet pic of your grandparents❤️

    1. Thanks Terese! Maybe he helped me on the waterline too!!! Between Grandpa and my Dad, they definitely taught us pert near anything can be fixed. 😁

  4. I think Gramps is enjoying the scenery in your little slice of heaven, so he's taking his sweet time! I rely on him all the time to help me work through design issues and he always comes to the rescue, he is an amazing soul! I think Gram's admiration and love for him fueled his genius. Love has amazing powers! Beautifully written and wonderfully expressed. Thank you for another insightful blog Karen. xox

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